WS2JADE: A Tool for Run-time Deployment and Control of Web Services as JADE Agent Services. Web services and software agent technologies are two areas that have attracted substantial research and industry interests in recent years. On the one hand, the Web services technology is gaining popularity because of its well-defined infrastructure aiming at enabling interoperability among heterogenous applications. On the other hand, the agent technology aims at providing intelligent autonomous capabilities for distributed components. A combination of these two technologies could create an environment where Web services and agents can employ and compliment each others’ strengths. In this chapter, we propose a framework called WS2JADE for integrating Web services and the JADE agent platform. In particular, the technical aspects of run-time deployment and control of Web services as agent services with WS2JADE are presented. We relate our framework to other solutions in the area and show how new emerging Web services management technologies can be used with WS2JADE for enabling Web services management with agents. The management capabilities are demonstrated with simple examples of using WS2JADE for service discovery, composition and deployment with JADE agents.