AIR tools

AIR tools -- a MATLAB package of algebraic iterative reconstruction methods. We present a MATLAB package with implementations of several algebraic iterative reconstruction (AIR) methods for discretizations of inverse problems. These so-called row action methods rely on semi-convergence for achieving the necessary regularization of the problem. Two classes of methods are implemented: Algebraic reconstruction techniques and simultaneous iterative reconstruction techniques. In addition we provide a few simplified test problems from medical and seismic tomography. For each iterative method, a number of strategies are available for choosing the relaxation parameter and the stopping rule. The relaxation parameter can be fixed, or chosen adaptively in each iteration; in the former case we provide a new “training” algorithm that finds the optimal parameter for a given test problem. The stopping rules provided are the discrepancy principle, the monotone error rule, and the normalixed cumulative periodogram criterion; for the first two methods “training” can be used to find the optimal discrepancy parameter.

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