The rasterVis package complements the raster package, providing a set of methods for enhanced visualization and interaction. It defines visualization methods for quantitative data and categorical data, with levelplot, both for univariate and multivariate rasters. It also includes several methods in the frame of the Exploratory Data Analysis approach: scatterplots with xyplot, histograms and density plots with histogram and densityplot, violin and boxplots with bwplot, and a matrix of scatterplots with splom. On the other hand, rasterVis provides three methods to display spatiotemporal rasters: hovmoller produces Hovmöller diagrams, horizonplot creates horizon graphs, with many time series displayed in parallel, and xyplot displays conventional time series plots extracted from a multilayer raster. Finally, this package is able to display vector fields using arrows, vectorplot, or with streamlines, streamplot. This webpage illustrates some its functionalities with examples. If you need more information, you may be interested in my book “Displaying Time Series, Spatial, and Space-Time Data with R”. It includes four chapters devoted to the visualization of spatial and spatiotemporal raster data. Along with the main graphics from the text, its website offers access to the datasets used in the examples as well as the full R code.