ODE Architect

ODE architect companion. The ultimate ODE power tool. With CD-ROM. The book accompanies the software package “ODE Architect”. The package includes a graphical user interface for the investigation of systems of ordinary differential equations. In particular, it allows one to enter the equations interactively, solving initial value problems, obtaining Poincaré maps, visualizing vector fields by plotting the slope field, finding fixed-points and to determine eigenvalues, etc. Also, two- and tree-dimensional graphics are supported as well as time and parameter animations of solution data. Help and tutorial are also available. Each of the 13 chapters correspond to some module in the software package and is followed by exercises. Many notions of the theory of ordinary differential equations are presented in a simple and illustrative way. The book contains many examples which can be repeated by the reader using “ODE Architect”. This set may be of interest, in particular, for students as an introductory course of applications to ordinary differential equations.