Strongly simulation-extractable leakage-resilient NIZK This paper defines strongly simulation-extractable leakage-resiliency (sSE-LR), which is a new notion for NIZK proof system. Our definition extends the weaker notion called true simulation-extractable leakage-resiliency (tSE-LR) defined by Garg, Jain, and Sahai in CRYPTO 2011. Moreover, improving the construction of tSE-LR-NIZK proof system by Garg et al., we construct an NIZK scheme that satisfies sSE-LR. An sSE-LR-NIZK proof system is applicable to construct a fully leakage resilient signature scheme which is strongly existentially unforgeable. As far as we know, this is the first fully leakage resilient signature scheme that is strongly existentially unforgeable.