Sherpa is a Monte Carlo event generator for the Simulation of High-Energy Reactions of PArticles in lepton-lepton, lepton-photon, photon-photon, lepton-hadron and hadron-hadron collisions. This document provides information to help users understand and apply Sherpa for their physics studies. The event generator is introduced, in broad terms, and the installation and running of the program are outlined. The various options and parameters specifying the program are compiled, and their meanings are explained. This document does not aim at giving a complete description of the physics content of Sherpa . To this end, the authors refer the reader to the original publication: T. Gleisberg and S. Hoche and F. Krauss and M. Schonherr and S. Schumann and F Siegert and J. Winter, Event generation with Sherpa 1.1, JHEP 02 (2009) 007 [arXiv:0811.4622].

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