AutoMOTGen: Automatic Model Oriented Test Generator for Embedded Control Systems. We present AutoMOTGen, a tool for automatic test case generation (ATG) from MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow (SL/SF) models [6] for testing automotive controllers. Our methodology is based on model checking [2]. The main highlights of the tool are: Enhanced coverage of the model elements as well as high-level requirements. A modular design for plug-and-play of different model checkers, test data generators and coverage analysis tools for enhancing the test suite quality. Implements sampling time abstraction to generate tests with lesser number of (discrete) steps in the intermediate model. Implements coverage dependent instrumentation of the model for the structural coverage criteria. Capability to handle SL/SF blocks commonly used in automotive controllers (including blocks such as integrator, delay, multiplication/division, look-up tables, triggered subsystems and hierarchical and parallel charts). The current implementation of AutoMOTGen uses SAL [8] as an intermediate representation and uses associated tools such as sal-atg, sal-bmc and sal-smc for generation of test data and proving the unreachability of some of the coverage goals. AutoMOTGen is implemented in Java and C++ (.NET framework) and uses MATLAB scripting language for extracting the relevant information from SL/SF models required for the purpose of test generation.