Stratagem: a generic Petri net verification framework. In this paperwe present the strategy generic extensible modelchecker (StrataGEM), a tool aimed at the analysis of Petri nets and other models of concurrency by means of symbolic model-checking techniques. StrataGEM marries the well know concepts of term rewriting (TR) to the efficiency of decision diagrams (DDs). TR systems are a great way to describe the semantics of a system, being readable and compact, but their direct implementation tends to be rather slow on large sets of terms. On the other hand, DDs have demonstrated their efficiency for model-checking, but translating a system semantics into efficient DDs operations is an expert’s matter. StrataGEM describes the semantics of a system in terms of strategies over a TR system, and automatically translates these rules into operations on DD to handle the model-checking. The ultimate goal of StrataGEM is to become a verification framework for the different variants of Petri nets by separating the semantics of the model from the computation that performs model-checking.

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