HMC: Verifying functional programs using abstract interpreters. We present Hindley-Milner-Cousots (HMC), an algorithm that reduces verification of safety properties of typed higher-order functional programs to interprocedural analysis for first-order imperative programs. HMC works as follows. First, it uses the type structure of the functional program to generate a set of logical refinement constraints whose satisfaction implies the safety of the source program. Next, it transforms the logical refinement constraints into a simple first-order imperative program and an invariant that holds iff the constraints are satisfiable. Finally, it uses an invariant generator for first-order imperative programs to discharge the invariant. We have implemented HMC and describe preliminary experimental results using two imperative checkers – armc and interproc – to verify ocaml programs. By composing type-based reasoning grounded in program syntax and state-based reasoning grounded in abstract interpretation, HMC enables the fully automatic verification of programs written in modern programming languages.

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