This page is about AspCcgTk - the Answer Set Programming Combinatory Categorial Grammar Toolkit. AspCcgTk is a parser based on Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CGC) developed using declarative programming paradigm -- Answer Set Programming. It implements wide-coverage CCG parsing by utilizing the CCG postagger and supertagger of the C&C tool. AspCcgTk aims at producing all semantically distinct parse trees for a given sentence. Compared to typical approaches to CCG parsing, no parsing algorithm is implemented within this tool. Instead, the task of CCG parsing is formulated as a planning problem and answer set programming systems are used to compute solutions that correspond to valid parses. AspCcgTk can also be seen as a basis for a generic tool for encoding different CCG category and rule sets in a declarative and straightforward manner. In other words, AspCcgTk provides a test-bed for experimenting with different theoretical CCG frameworks without the need to craft specific parsing algorithms. AspCcgTk also contains a module for visualizing CCG derivations found by a parser.

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