Wind Power Integration in Liberalised Electricity Markets. The key task of the project, in which three industrial partners collaborate with several scientific institutions, is to analyse the integration of wind power in a large liberalised electricity system covering the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The technical and market impacts of a large share of wind power in the North European electricity system will be quantified using a comprehensive model being built in the project. The modelling and simulation efforts can be divided into two parts. One part consists in an investigation of the issue of system stability, i.e. the wind integration aspects connected to the fast (below 10 minutes) fluctuations in the wind power production, with the use of dedicated power system simulation tools. It includes the analysis of a number of case studies especially selected for large-scale integration of renewable energy generation and with expected potential stability problems. Secondly the wind integration ability of large electricity systems with substantial amounts of power trade in power pools is investigated. With the starting point in existing models an hour-per-hour simulation model is developed, and this modelling tool is used to investigate the technical and cost issues of integrating large amounts of wind power into the electricity system.