FGH, a code for the calculation of Coulomb radial wave functions from series expansions. The code FGH is an up-dated version of a code COULFG [see the author, ibid. 25, 87 (1982)], used for the calculation of the Coulomb functions f and g, analytic in the energy, for attractive potentials. The new code works for attractive and repulsive potentials and also gives the functions h which have simple asymptotic forms. There is an option to use either the variables (ε,r) customary in atomic physics, or (for positive energies) (η,ρ) customary in nuclear physics. When (η,ρ) are used, the code also gives the functions F ℓ (η,ρ) and G ℓ (η,ρ). Use of series solutions can lead to loss of accuracy due to cancellation effects. FGH provides an indication of the number of significant figures lost due to cancellations.