XSearch: A neuralnetwork based tool for components search in a distributed object environment. The large-scale adoption of three-tier partitioned architectures and the support provided by the distributed object technology has brought a great flexibility to the information systems development process. In addition, the development of applications based on these alternatives has led to an increasing amount of components. This boom in the components amount was remarkably influenced by the Internet arising, that incorporated a number of new components, as HTML pages, java scripts, servlets, applets, and others. In this context, to recover the most suitable component to accomplish the requirements of a particular application is crucial to an effective reuse and the consequent reduction in time, effort and cost. We describe, in this article, a neural network based solution to implement a components intelligent recovering mechanism. By applying this process, a developer will be able to stress the reuse, while avoiding the morbid proliferation of nearly similar components.

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