NICE -- an explicit numerical scheme for efficient integration of nonlinear constitutive equations. The paper presents a simple but efficient numerical scheme for the integration of nonlinear constitutive equations. Although it can be used for the integration of a system of algebraic and differential equations in general, the scheme is primarily developed for use with the direct solution methods for solving boundary value problems, e.g. explicit dynamic analysis in ABAQUS/Explicit. In the developed explicit scheme, where no iteration is required, the implementation simplicity of the forward-Euler scheme and the accuracy of the backward-Euler scheme are successfully combined. The properties of the proposed NICE scheme, which was also implemented into ABAQUS/Explicit via User Material Subroutine interface platform, are compared with the properties of the classical forward-Euler scheme and backward-Euler scheme. For this purpose we study two highly nonlinear examples, with the von Mises and GTN material model. The accuracy of the new scheme is demonstrated to be at least of the same level as experienced by the backward-Euler scheme, if we compare them on the condition of the same CPU time consumption. Besides, the simplicity of the NICE scheme, which is due to implementation similarity with the classical forward-Euler scheme, is its great advantage.