FILMPAR: A parallel algorithm designed for the efficient and accurate computation of thin film flow on functional surfaces containing micro-structure. FILMPAR is a highly efficient and portable parallel multigrid algorithm for solving a discretised form of the lubrication approximation to three-dimensional, gravity-driven, continuous thin film free-surface flow over substrates containing micro-scale topography. While generally applicable to problems involving heterogeneous and distributed features, for illustrative purposes the algorithm is benchmarked on a distributed memory IBM BlueGene/P computing platform for the case of flow over a single trench topography, enabling direct comparison with complementary experimental data and existing serial multigrid solutions. Parallel performance is assessed as a function of the number of processors employed and shown to lead to super-linear behaviour for the production of mesh-independent solutions. In addition, the approach is used to solve for the case of flow over a complex inter-connected topographical feature and a description provided of how FILMPAR could be adapted relatively simply to solve for a wider class of related thin film flow problems.