BOUT++: A framework for parallel plasma fluid simulations. A new modular code called BOUT++ is presented, which simulates 3D fluid equations in curvilinear coordinates. Although aimed at simulating Edge Localised Modes (ELMs) in tokamak x-point geometry, the code is able to simulate a wide range of fluid models (magnetised and unmagnetised) involving an arbitrary number of scalar and vector fields, in a wide range of geometries. Time evolution is fully implicit, and 3rd-order WENO schemes are implemented. Benchmarks are presented for linear and non-linear problems (the Orszag–Tang vortex) showing good agreement. Performance of the code is tested by scaling with problem size and processor number, showing efficient scaling to thousands of processors. Linear initial-value simulations of ELMs using reduced ideal MHD are presented, and the results compared to the ELITE linear MHD eigenvalue code. The resulting mode-structures and growth-rate are found to be in good agreement (γBOUT++=0.245ωAγBOUT++=0.245ωA, γELITE=0.239ωAγELITE=0.239ωA, with Alfvénic timescale 1/ωA=R/VA1/ωA=R/VA). To our knowledge, this is the first time dissipationless, initial-value simulations of ELMs have been successfully demonstrated.

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