XBX: external benchmarking extension for the SUPERCOP crypto benchmarking framework. SUPERCOP is a benchmarking framework for cryptographic algorithms like ciphers and hash functions. It automatically benchmarks algorithms across several implementations, compilers, compiler options and input data lengths. Since it is freely available for download the results are easily reproducible and benchmark results for virtually every computer that is capable of running SUPERCOP are available. However, since SUPERCOP is a collection of scripts for the Bourne Again Shell and depends on some command line tools from the POSIX standard in its current form it can not run on any hardware that does not support POSIX. This is a significant limitation since small devices like mobile phones, PDAs and Smart Cards are important target platforms for cryptographic algorithms. The work presented in this paper extends the SUPERCOP concepts to facilitate benchmarking external targets. A combination of hard- and software allows for cross compilation with SUPERCOP and execution/timing of the generated code on virtually any kind of device large enough to hold the object code of the algorithm benchmarked plus some space for communication routines and a bootloader.

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