ASTRID: A programming environment for scientific applications on parallel vector computers. ASTRID is an interdisciplinary project which aims at implementing a set of structured finite element or finite volume programs adapted to the architecture of parallel vector computers with large central memories. All CPU time consuming sections such as mesh generation, matrix construction and solver are highly vectorized and parallelized. Each numerical experiment is an independent program which runs on three virtual machines for preprocessing, computation and postprocessing. One program includes all components required in an advanced numerical experimentation code : the multimachine data base management system MEM-COM to store data and to send it from one machine to the other, man-machine interfaces to set the geometrical and physical input quantities, a structured semiautomatic adaptive mesh generator, the solver and the graphic interpretation system BASPL integrated into MEM-COM. The data management system is very open and can easily be used to connect with any other program which then can take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of BASPL.