Clawpack stands for “Conservation Laws Package” and was initially developed for linear and nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, with a focus on implementing high-resolution Godunov type methods using limiters in a general framework applicable to many applications. These finite volume methods require a “Riemann solver” to resolve the jump discontinuity at the interface between two grid cells into waves propagating into the neighboring cells. Adaptive mesh refinement is included, see amrclaw. Recent extensions allow the solution of hyperbolic problems that are not in conservation form. We are actively working on extensions to parabolic equations as well. The “wave propagation” algorithms implemented in Clawpack are discribed in detail in the book Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems Virtually all of the figures in this book were generated using Clawpack and the source code for each can be found in CLAW/book. See Examples from the book FVMHP for a list of available examples with pointers to the codes and resulting plots.

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