SUSYGEN 2. 2 – a Monte Carlo event generator for MSSM sparticle production at e + e - colliders. SUSYGEN is a Monte Carlo program designed for computing distributions and generating events for MSSM sparticle production in e + e - collisions. The supersymmetric (SUSY) mass spectrum may either be supplied by the user, or can alternatively be calulated in two different models of SUSY breaking: gravity mediated supersymmetry breaking (SUGRA), and gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking (GMSB). The program incorporates the most important production processes and decay modes, including the full set of R-parity violating decays, and the decays to the gravitino in GMSB models. lnitial state radiation corrections take into account p T /p L effects in the structure function formalism, and an optimized hadronization interface to JETSET 7.4 including final state radiation is also provided.