System Modeling through Bond graph Objects on SYMBOLS 2000. One of the major impediments in encouraging engineers in industry to use bond graphs for modeling, simulation and design is the requirement of bit by bit creation of a model. Often a modeler may lack knowledge of all energy domains and devices of which system is constituted. This apart the bit by bit synthesis may turnout to be time consuming requiring very good proficiency in bond graph modeling. The new generation of software ’SYMBOLS’ called ’SYMBOLS 2000’, has incorporated a facility called Encapsulation. This facility allows modeler to create and incorporate sub-system models (called capsules) in the models of plants or bigger systems. The capsule may incorporate nonlinear constitutive relation for the elements, look up tables, nonlinear geometrical relations’ etc. When these capsules are incorporated in the main plant all these aspects get incorporated with suitable notational readjustments. The most important contribution of encapsulation is means to derive further capsules from existing ones using multiple inheritance, customization and complete abstraction.