2D triangulations

2D triangulations. CGAL User and Reference Manual: This package allows to build and handle various triangulations for point sets two dimensions. Any CGAL triangulation covers the convex hull of its vertices. Triangulations are built incrementally and can be modified by insertion or removal of vertices. They offer point location facilities. The package provides plain triangulation (whose faces depend on the insertion order of the vertices) and Delaunay triangulations. Regular triangulations are also provided for sets of weighted points. Delaunay and regular triangulations offer nearest neighbor queries and primitives to build the dual Voronoi and power diagrams. Finally, constrained and Delaunay constrained triangulations allows to force some constrained segments to appear as edges of the triangulation. Several versions of constrained and Delaunay constrained triangulations are provided: some of them handle intersections between input constraints segment while others do not.

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