Algorithm 935: IIPBF, a MATLAB toolbox for infinite integral of products of two Bessel functions. A MATLAB toolbox, IIPBF, for calculating infinite integrals involving a product of two Bessel functions J a (ρx)J b (τx),J a (ρx)Y b (τx) and Y a (ρx)Y b (τx), for non-negative integers a,b, and a well-behaved function f(x), is described. Based on the Lucas algorithm previously developed for J a (ρx)J b (τx) only, IIPBF recasts each product as the sum of two functions whose oscillatory behavior is exploited in the three-step procedure of adaptive integration, summation, and extrapolation. The toolbox uses customised QUADPACK and IMSL functions from a MATLAB conversion of the SLATEC library. In addition, MATLAB’s own quadgk function for adaptive Gauss-Kronrod quadrature results in a significant speed up compared with the original algorithm. Usage of IIPBF is described and eighteen test cases illustrate the robustness of the toolbox; five additional ones are used to compare IIPBF with the BESSELINT code for rational and exponential forms of f(x) with J a (ρx)J b (τx). Reliability for a broad range of values of ρ and τ for the three different product types as well as different orders in one case is demonstrated. An electronic appendix provides a novel derivation of formulae for five cases.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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