TASSEL: Software for association mapping of complex traits in diverse samples. Summary: Association analyses that exploit the natural diversity of a genome to map at very high resolutions are becoming increasingly important. In most studies, however, researchers must contend with the confounding effects of both population and family structure. TASSEL (Trait Analysis by aSSociation, Evolution and Linkage) implements general linear model and mixed linear model approaches for controlling population and family structure. For result interpretation, the program allows for linkage disequilibrium statistics to be calculated and visualized graphically. Database browsing and data importation is facilitated by integrated middleware. Other features include analyzing insertions/deletions, calculating diversity statistics, integration of phenotypic and genotypic data, imputing missing data and calculating principal components. Availability: The TASSEL executable, user manual, example data sets and tutorial document are freely available at http://www.maizegenetics.net/tassel. The source code for TASSEL can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tasse