Cephes C and C++ language special functions math library. Cephes Mathematical Library. Latest Linux distribution, dated 6/4/00. Special functions and other goodies in C, including long double precision routines for 68K, 386, and sparc processors. This is the most complete distribution package of the function library (but not the most up-to-date one). It includes these sections-- double: all functions in 64-bit double precision; single: all available functions in 32-bit single precision; long double: all available functions in 80-bit extended precision; 128bit: all available functions in 128-bit long double precision; qlib: all functions in q-type extended (44 to 106 decimal) precision, includes a C++ class for the binary floating point arithmetic and a q-type calculator program; c9x-complex: new C language standard C9X data type for complex variables, header complex.h for GNU C and functions in float complex, double complex, and long double complex precisions. (http://www.moshier.net/#Cephes)

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