Numerical mathematics and computing. 2nd ed. Features that are new to this second edition are as follows: Many more examples of worked problems have been included, especially in the earlier chapters where presumably they are most helpful. The computer programs in te book have been revised to illustrate the structure style available in Fortran 77 now favored by many programmers. New topics, such as Gaussian quadrature, adaptive Simpson’s integration, and discrete orthogonal polynomials, have been added. Many problem sets throughout the book have been revised and reorganized in an attempt to group the problems according to subject matter and difficulty. Important topics formerly developed in the problems have been incorporated into the text instead. The chapters have been reordered for logical and pedagogical reasons. The discussion of floating-point number representation has been revised and simplified. Richardson extrapolation has been given greater prominence and emphasis. More material on the LU factorization has been added in the chapter on solving linear systems of equations. A new appendix on the concepts and notation of basic linear algebra has been included. The appendix on Fortran has been expanded and now emphasizes Fortran 77. Many more answers and hits to problems have been supplied.

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