TAGster: efficient selection of LD tag SNPs in single or multiple populations, Summary: Genetic association studies increasingly rely on the use of linkage disequilibrium (LD) tag SNPs to reduce genotyping costs. We developed a software package TAGster to select, evaluate and visualize LD tag SNPs both for single and multiple populations. We implement several strategies to improve the efficiency of current LD tag SNP selection algorithms: (1) we modify the tag SNP selection procedure of Carlson et al. to improve selection efficiency and further generalize it to multiple populations. (2) We propose a redundant SNP elimination step to speed up the exhaustive tag SNP search algorithm proposed by Qin et al. (3) We present an additional multiple population tag SNP selection algorithm based on the framework of Howie et al., but using our modified exhaustive search procedure. We evaluate these methods using resequenced candidate gene data from the Environmental Genome Project and show improvements in both computational and tagging efficiency,

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