Generalized multiobjective evolutionary algorithm guided by descent directions. This paper proposes a generalized descent directions-guided multiobjective algorithm (DDMOA2). DDMOA2 uses the scalarizing fitness assignment in its parent and environmental selection procedures. The population consists of leader and non-leader individuals. Each individual in the population is represented by a tuple containing its genotype as well as the set of strategy parameters. The main novelty and the primary strength of our algorithm is its reproduction operator, which combines the traditional local search and stochastic search techniques. To improve efficiency, when the number of objective is increased, descent directions are found only for two randomly chosen objectives. Furthermore, in order to increase the search pressure in high-dimensional objective space, we impose an additional condition for the acceptance of descent directions found for leaders during local search. The performance of the proposed approach is compared with those produced by representative state-of-the-art multiobjective evolutionary algorithms on a set of problems with up to 8 objectives. The experimental results reveal that our algorithm is able to produce highly competitive results with well-established multiobjective optimizers on all tested problems. Moreover, due to its hybrid reproduction operator, DDMOA2 demonstrates superior performance on multimodal problems.

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