AMUSE: a minimally-unsatisfiable subformula extractor. This paper describes a new algorithm for extracting unsatisfiable subformulas from a given unsatisfiable CNF formula. Such unsatisfiable ”cores” can be very helpful in diagnosing the causes of infeasibility in large systems. Our algorithm is unique in that it adapts the ”learning process” of a modern SAT solver to identify unsatisfiable subformulas rather than search for satisfying assignments. Compared to existing approaches, this method can be viewed as a bottom-up core extraction procedure which can be very competitive when the core sizes are much smaller than the original formula size. Repeated runs of the algorithm with different branching orders yield different cores. We present experimental results on a suite of large automotive benchmarks showing the performance of the algorithm and highlighting its ability to locate not just one but several cores.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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