MARTINI: An event generator for relativistic heavy-ion collisions. We introduce the modular algorithm for relativistic treatment of heavy ion interactions (MARTINI), a comprehensive event generator for the hard and penetrating probes in high-energy nucleus-nucleus collisions. Its main components are a time-evolution model for the soft background, PYTHIA 8.1, and the McGill-Arnold, Moore, and Yaffe (AMY) parton-evolution scheme, including radiative as well as elastic processes. This allows us to generate full event configurations in the high pT region that take into account thermal quantum chromodynamic (QCD) and quantum electrodynamic (QED) effects as well as effects of the evolving medium. We present results for the neutral pion nuclear modification factor in Au+Au collisions at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider as a function of pT for different centralities and also as a function of the angle with respect to the reaction plane for noncentral collisions. Furthermore, we study the production of high-transverse-momentum photons, incorporating a complete set of photon-production channels.

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