Konclude is a high-performance reasoner for large and expressive ontologies. The supported ontology language is formally characterised by the Description Logic (DL) SROIQV(D). In other words, Konclude can handle all of the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2) with almost all datatypes. In addition, Konclude supports nominal schemas which allow for expressing arbitrary DL-safe rules simply by using given ontology syntax extended with variables. Konclude can be used via OWLlink as an OWLlink server as well as via command line. For applications that use the OWL API, the OWLlink OWL API Adapter can be used to link with a Konclude server. As of now, the reasoning engine offers the most common reasoning services such as classification, realisation, queries for sub-classes, class instances or types of individuals.

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Further publications can be found at: http://www.derivo.de/products/konclude/publications.html