SAS4A/SASSYS-1 (Reactor Dynamics and Safety Analysis Codes). SAS4A is designed to perform deterministic analysis of severe accidents in liquid metal cooled reactors (LMRs). Detailed, mechanistic models of steady-state and transient thermal, hydraulic, neutronic, and mechanical phenomena are employed to describe the response of the reactor core and its coolant, fuel elements, and structural members to accident conditions caused by loss of coolant flow, loss of heat rejection, or reactivity insertion. The initiating phase of the accident is modeled, including coolant heating and boiling, fuel cladding failure, and fuel melting and relocation. SAS4A analysis is terminated upon loss of subassembly hexcan integrity. The objective of SAS4A analysis is to quantify severe accident consequences as measured by the generation of energetics sufficient to challenge reactor vessel integrity, leading possibly to public health and safety risk. Originally developed for analysis of sodium cooled reactors with oxide fuel clad by stainless steel, the models in SAS4A were subsequently extended and specialized to metallic fuel clad with advanced alloys.

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