PTC Windchill FTA

Fault Tree Analysis Software That Identifies Undesirable Events. Fault tree analysis (FTA) software plays an important role when evaluating safety and reliability in system design, development and operation. In applications where reliability and safety are paramount, it is necessary to identify all factors contributing to critical safety issues and failures in a product or system. By leveraging fault tree analysis tools, organizations can construct fault trees to assess the likelihood that an undesirable top-level event, such as a catastrophic failure or safety hazard, will occur. FTA software is an invaluable tool because it enforces the logic connecting together events that may potentially contribute to an undesirable top-level event. By helping you construct a graphical representation of the critical issue and its contributing events, PTC Windchill FTA provides the analysis tools required to help mitigate its occurrence or impact. The powerful analytical capabilities of PTC Windchill FTA quantify system risk and reliability, helping you make targeted decisions about design, maintenance, and controls to reduce the probability of failures. Download a free, 30-day product trial to experience powerful fault tree analysis software that offers complete integration with several other quality, reliability and risk analysis tools available in the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite.

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