ITEM ToolKit

Reliability Analysis Software, ITEM ToolKit 8.3.3 is a suite of comprehensive prediction and analytical modules in one integrated environment. ToolKit is an integrated environment benefiting from object-oriented architecture that delivers Accuracy, Flexibility and Ease of Use. It offers you convenient features that provide a consistent format for all your analyses. This enables learning carry-over from one module to another. .. ITEM ToolKit’s Fault Tree module offers flexible, powerful and easy ways for constructing Fault Trees. The GUI consists of menus, toolbars, and project and system windows. You can simply add different gates and events in the System Window to create a hierarchy of your system, ITEM ToolKit will construct the Fault Tree Diagram for you. Or, you can build your Fault Tree the traditional way by adding gates and events in the Diagram Window. The software incorporates two independent calculation engines: Binary Decision Diagram and Approximation Method. It provides methods to calculate unreliability and unavailability; analyzes Uncertainty and Sensitivity; analyzes Common Cause Failure (CCF); Produces Minimal Cut Sets; Identifies Fault Tree Sequencing, Initiator and Enabler, Initiator Only, Enabler Only; Defines event failure models; Determines the importance of elements in a system.