KoszulDivisorOnPic14M8 Construction of random curves of degree 14 and genus 8. In this package the unirationality parametrization of Pic14(M8) due to Mukai is implemented. The main references are [Mu] S. Mukai, Curves, K3 surfaces and Fano 3-folds of genus ≤10. Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, Vol. I, 357-377, Kinokuniya, Tokyo, 1988. [Ve] A. Verra, The unirationality of the moduli spaces of curves of genus 14 or lower. Compos. Math. 141 (2005), no. 6, 1425-1444. The main purpose of this package is to establish the reduciblity of the Koszul divisor as claimed in Chiodo,Eisenbud,Farkas,Schreyer [2012].

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