i-Cube: A tool-set for the dynamic extraction and integration of Web data content This paper presents the i-Cube environment, a tool-set that allows for Internet data and content originally available as HTML Web pages and programmatic scripts to be denoted, modeled, and represented in the form of XML documents. These XML documents conform to specific Document Type Definitions and other structural constraints that are fully customizable by the end- user or the service provider. The approach is based on representing HTML document data content in the form of annotated trees. Specific areas of interest and data content in the original HTML document that need to be encoded in the form of an XML representation, are represented as a collection of annotated sub-trees in the tree that corresponds to a large HTML document. A service integration module allows for different categories of analysis and presentation rules to be invoked according to script based user-defined logic

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.