LYAPACK A MATLAB Toolbox for Large Lyapunov and Riccati Equations, Model Reduction Problems, and Linear–Quadratic Optimal Control Problems Users ’ Guide (Version 1.0). Control theory is one of the most rapidly developing disciplines of mathematics and engineering in the second half of the 20th century. In the past decade, implementations of numerically robust algorithms for many types of dense problems in control theory have become available in software packages, such as SLICOT [7]. However, little research has been done on efficient numerical methods for control problems related to large sparse or structured dynamical systems before 1990. In the last few years, quite a number of approaches for several types of large control problems have been proposed, but, at present, it is often not clear, which of them are the more promising ones. It is needless to say that there is little software for large control problems available. In this situation, the author took the opportunity to implement the software package LYAPACK (“Lyapunov Package”), which covers one particular approach to a class of large problems in control theory. An efficient ADI-based solver for large Lyapunov equations is the “workhorse ” of LYAPACK, which also contains implementations of two model reduction methods and modifications of the Newton method for the solution of large Riccati equations and linear-quadratic optimal control problems. ..

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