DNASequenceGenerator: A program for the construction of DNA sequences In DNA Computing and DNA nanotechnology the design of proper DNA sequences turned out to be an elementary problem. We here present a software program for the construction of sets (“pools”) of DNA sequences. The program can create DNA sequences to meet logical and physical parameters such as uniqueness, melting temperature and GC ratio as required by the user. It can create sequences de novo, complete sequences with gaps and allows import and recycling of sequences that are still in use. The program always creates sequences that are -- in terms of uniqueness, GC ratio and melting temperature -- “compatible” to those already in the pool, no matter whether those were added manually or created or completed by the program itself. The software comes with a GUI and a Sequence Wizard. In vitro tests of the program’s output were done by generating a set of oligomers designed for self-assembly. The software is available for download under http://LS11-www.cs.uni-dortmund.de/molcomp/Downloads/downloads.html.

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