CoCasl at work – modelling process algebra. CoCasl, a recently developed coalgebraic extension of the algebraic specification language Casl, allows for modelling systems in terms of inductive datatypes as well as of co-inductive process types. Here, we demonstrate how to specify process algebras, namely CCS [R. Milner, Communication and concurrency. New York etc.: Prentice Hall (1989; Zbl 0683.68008)] and CSP [C. A. R. Hoare, Communicating sequential processes. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey etc.: Prentice-Hall International (1985; Zbl 0637.68007)], within such an algebraic-coalgebraic framework. It turns out that CoCasl can deal with the fundamental concepts of process algebra in a natural way: The type system of communications, the syntax of processes and their structural operational semantics fit well in the algebraic world of Casl, while the additional coalgebraic constructs of CoCasl cover the various process equivalences (bisimulation, weak bisimulation, observational congruence, and trace equivalence) and provide fully abstract semantic domains. CoCasl hence becomes a meta-framework for studying the semantics and proof theory of reactive systems.

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