Security-typed programming within dependently typed programming. Several recent security-typed programming languages, such as Aura, PCML5, and Fine, allow programmers to express and enforce access control and information flow policies. In this paper, we show that security-typed programming can be embedded as a library within a general-purpose dependently typed programming language, Agda. Our library, Aglet, accounts for the major features of existing security-typed programming languages, such as decentralized access control, typed proof-carrying authorization, ephemeral and dynamic policies, authentication, spatial distribution, and information flow. The implementation of Aglet consists of the following ingredients: First, we represent the syntax and proofs of an authorization logic, Garg and Pfenning’s BL$_{0}$, using dependent types. Second, we implement a proof search procedure, based on a focused sequent calculus, to ease the burden of constructing proofs. Third, we represent computations using a monad indexed by pre- and post-conditions drawn from the authorization logic, which permits ephemeral policies that change during execution. We describe the implementation of our library and illustrate its use on a number of the benchmark examples considered in the literature.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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