GDS — A Graph Drawing Server on the Internet. Motivated by the wide variety of applications in many different fields, new graph drawing algorithms are continually being developed and implemented. However, there are many barriers in the way of someone wishing to make use of this technology. First, a potential user must know that the technology exists, which often means she must be well-versed in the terminology and literature of the graph drawing community. Then she must locate and install an implementation, which requires that the software creators provided the correct executable for her environment, or that she has the knowledge and tools to build the application from source code. Running the newly-installed program requires sufficient computational resources (CPU power, memory, disk space). Finally, due to the wealth of different graph description formats, it is likely that she must convert her data to the format used by the program. Another translation step may be required at the end, if the program does not output the data in a format she can use. Overall, this process is time-consuming for even an expert user, and may be prohibitively difficult for the casual or novice user.

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