The NeuralWorks Predict Engine is the foundation for NeuralWorks Predict (the Command Line Interface (CLI); and Microsoft® Excel Add-In), NeuralSight®, NeuralPower®, and the Predict Run-Time Kit (RTK). The Engine incorporates advanced, automated data preparation facilities and neural network training methodologies that permit end users to create and deploy high-performing neural networks even without in-depth knowledge of neural network technology. The Predict Engine generates variations of feed-forward neural networks for prediction and classification problems, and Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps for clustering problems. In addition to being the foundation for NeuralWare products, the NeuralWorks Predict Engine is available for licensing as a fully documented and tested Software Development Kit (SDK). NeuralWare products based on the Predict Engine offer a seamless path from neural network model development, validation, and optimization to rapid integration of neural network models placed in service. NeuralWare standard products can be used to develop and validate application-specific neural network models on the desktop, then the RTK (if new model training is not required in the deployed application) or the SDK (if new models must be trained in the deployed application) can be used to create an enterprise application with customized data and user interfaces for a production environment. The Predict Engine can also generate C, VisualBasic, or Fortran 77 source code representations of trained neural networks which can be compiled and linked into embedded applications.

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