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The Wolfram Functions Site was created as a resource for the educational, mathematical, and scientific communities. It contains the world’s most encyclopedic collection of information about mathematical functions. The site also details the interrelationships between the special functions of mathematical physics and the elementary functions of mathematical analysis as well as the interrelationships between the functions in each group. The vast collection of content at functions.wolfram.com was made possible by the powerful features of Mathematica. Its built-in functions, symbolic capabilities, high-precision numerics, programmatic file manipulation, and typesetting were all indispensable to bringing this project to fruition. There are several unique aspects to the presentation of information on this site. The material is organized in a uniform way, thereby providing a summary of the current state of knowledge in the field of special functions. Any gaps in the contents indicate areas where additional research may be needed. Hierarchically structured, interlinked content gives the site a navigability impossible in printed handbooks. In addition to the current ability to search for functions and formulas by name, an enhanced semantic-based search engine will allow formulas to be searched as easily as plain text, a functionality hitherto unavailable anywhere. All formulas are available not only in Mathematica StandardForm but also in MathML and ASCII form. Mathematica notebooks and PDF documents containing all the information in The Wolfram Functions Site are available for download. For users of Mathematica, formulas in StandardForm enable their quick and easy usage from within Mathematica. MathML enables typeset mathematics to be displayed in web browsers and other programs that support it, while ASCII form allows the information to be copied and manipulated in other programs that do not offer support for MathML. Already the largest formula compendium for mathematical functions on the web, this site will continue to grow and expand through time. Along with MathWorld, it reflects Wolfram Research’s continuing commitment to provide state-of-the-art online technical information as part of the Wolfram Resource Library.

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