INDUCTWISE: inductance-wise interconnect simulator and extractor. A robust, efficient, and accurate inductance extraction and simulation tool, INDUCTWISE, is developed and described in this paper. This work advances the state-of-the-art inductance extraction and simulation techniques, and has several major contributions. First, albeit the great benefits of efficiency, the recently proposed inductance matrix sparsification algorithm, the K-method of H. Ji et al. (2001), has a flaw in the stability proof for general geometry. We provide a theoretical analysis as well as a provable stable algorithm for it. Second, a robust window-selection algorithm is presented for general geometry. Third, integrated with the nodal analysis formulation, INDUCTWISE achieves exceptional performance without frequency-dependent complex operations and directly gives time-domain responses. Experimental results show that INDUCTWISE extractor and simulator have dramatic speedup compared to FastHenry and SPICE3, respectively.

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