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PiCO QL is a C/C++ plug-in library that sets up an SQL SELECT web-accessible online interactive interface over C/C++ data structures. SQL queries access the application’s data structures in place. This branch contains releases of the generic PiCO_QL plugin for C/C++ applications. It is not guaranteed to work in the kernel or Valgrind contexts. For C++ applications, PiCO QL supports querying of containers compatible with the C++ SGI forward container and forward iterator concept. The container classes of the STL consist a prime example of such. PiCO QL provides concept checks to verify that containers follow the above concepts. It also supports querying of custom containers (using the USING LOOP directive) and mere objects. See the PiCO QL for C/C++ applications tutorial. For C applications, PiCO QL supports querying of data structures like arrays and linked lists (see examples/CApp) but also any other data structure for which users will provide a loop variant (using the USING LOOP directive). It also supports querying of mere structs. PiCO QL is also configurable as a loadable Linux kernel module. It provides both a /proc and a high-level web interface to be able to issue SQL queries against kernel data structures. Currently PiCO QL supports data structures modelling processes (such as the linked list of processes) , files, virtual memory, file system, network, namespaces, devices, busses etc. Support is extensible to include more data structures. See Fast track roll your own probes tutorial in the PiCO QL LKM wiki. PiCO QL is also configurable as an extension to Valgrind tools, that is MemCheck, CacheGrind, and CallGrind. It provides an online interactive web interface to the data structures employed by Valgrind tools that gather memory operations metadata from an application that Valgrind instruments at the time. In other words, while Valgrind tools gather metadata about how an application is using memory, at the same time users can query the metadata using SQL queries. Synchronization issues are skipped using a simple stop-the-clock implementation to poll for a query waiting to be executed.

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