EULAG is a numerical solver for all-scale geophysical flows. The underlying anelastic equations are either solved in an EULerian (flux form), or a LAGrangian (advective form) framework. EULAG model is an ideal tool to perform numerical experiments in a virtual laboratory with time-dependent adaptive meshes and within complex, and even time-dependent model geometries. These abilities are due to the unique model design that combines the nonoscillatory forward-in-time (NFT) numerical algorithms and a robust elliptic solver with generalized coordinates. The code is written as a research tool with numerous options controlling the numerical accuracy and to allow for a wide range of numerical sensitivity tests. These capabilities give the researcher confidence in the numerical solutions of his/her problem. The formulation of the model equations allow for various derivatives of the code including codes for stellar atmospheres, ocean currents, sand dune propagation or biomechanical flows. EULAG is a fully parallelized code and is easily portable between different platforms. All the model developments and details of the numerical algorithms are documented in a number of peer reviewed papers by Piotr Smolarkiewicz and his colleagues. The EULAG modeling system is developed and supported by the Cloud Systems Group in the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, NCAR.

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