CXLEngine: a comprehensive XML loosely structured search engine. We proposed previously in [9] an XML semantic search engine called OOXSearch, which answers loosely structured queries. It takes into account the semantic relationships between data elements based on their contexts. The context of a data element is determined by its parent element. The framework of OOXSearch treats each parent-children set of elements as a single unified entity. OOXSearch works well for all types of XML trees, except when the tree contains a parent that has a child interior element, whose type is the same as the type of its parent (e.g. the parent is ”professor and its child interior element is ”student” - both professor and student belong to the ”person” type). In this paper, we propose an XML search engine called CXLEngine, which is an improvement over OOXSearch. It adopts all the techniques of OOXSearch in addition to new techniques that handle the types of XML trees described above, which OOXSearch does not handle well. We evaluated CXLEngine by comparing it experimentally with OOXSearch and with two other proposed systems, XSEarch [5] and Schema-Free XQuery [8]. The results showed marked improvement.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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