Projective Geometries, A Share Package for GAP. pg, Projective Geometries is a share package for GAP 4, the well known CAS. pg is developed mainly with GAP 4 release 1. It works without any problems under GAP4 release 2. Its aim is to set up an environment for doing finite projective geometry in GAP. Researchers who want to look for examples or counterexamples should be able to setup the environment of the problem without a lot of programming. Therefore general functions are provided in pg, such as calling projective spaces, functions dealing with subspaces, collineations and the collineation group and quadrics and hermtian varieties. Because many functions in GAP deal with permutation groups, we added functions that convert the collineation group into a permutation group. For more information, you can check the manual of pg. ____ Note: Currently, pg is not further developed. The part of PG dealing with sesquilinear and quadratic forms was further developed (together with John Bamberg) and resulted in the official GAP-package forms. The more geometric functionality of pg was moved to and further developed in the GAP package FinInG in cooperation with many other people, in the GAP package FinInG. See the official FinInG page.

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