SensorSim: a simulation framework for sensor networks. The advent of wireless micro sensors promises many yet unrealized benefits. A network of such sensors or “sensor network” introduces a new set of challenges. Besides being able to communicate effectively, sensor networks have demanding sensing tasks. First, they must be aware of their environment and oftentimes are required to adapt to their surroundings. Second, they must coordinate among them to perform a greater group-sensing task. In this context, the study of sensor networks has numerous other aspects besides communication. To create a better understanding of sensor networks and to facilitate the development of new protocols and applications, detailed simulation and performance evaluation techniques need to be developed. In this paper, we introduce our ongoing efforts in the development of SensorSim, a simulation framework that introduces new models and techniques for the design and analysis of sensor networks. SensorSim inherits the core features of traditional event driven network simulators, and builds up new features that include ability to model power usage in sensor nodes, hybrid simulation that allows the interaction of real and simulated nodes, new communication protocols and real time user interaction with graphical data display. After discussing the details of SensorSim, we provide our current results, that demonstrate various capabilities of SensorSim.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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