This tool is composed of a set of MATLAB functions (i.e., .m files) to compute the R, G and U matrix of QBD type Markov chains as well as its steady state probability vector. It includes implementations of the following contemporary algorithms: Cyclic Reduction (QBD_CR.m), Functional Iterations (QBD_FI.m), Invariant Subspace Approach (QBD_IS.m), Logarithmic Reduction (QBD_LR.m), Newton Iterations (QBD_NI.m), etc. The steady state vector can be computed via the QBD_pi.m function. When using this tool, please refer to the paper Structured Markov chains solver: software tools by Bini, Meini, Steffe and Van Houdt (SMCtools workshop). Additional info on the tool is found in the paper and on these slides. New tool features added since the publication of the paper can be found in this document

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